Ghibli Reveals Plans for Tokyo Anime Fair 2012

Studio Ghibli: From Up on Poppy Hill

Studio Ghibli has revealed their plans for the 2012 Tokyo Anime Fair.  The fair runs March 22-25, and is a popular venue for announcing new movie projects and exhibitions.  This year is no exception.

The biggest announcement will be From Up on Poppy Hill on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Goro Miyazaki's film was Japan's highest-grossing domestic film of 2011, and is currently playing in theaters in France.  This newest addition to Ghibli's prestigious Blu-Ray library.  Cover design and packaging will also be unveiled at the Tokyo show in March.

 Leading the lineup of museum exhibitons will be a new show featuring Ghibli friend (and Evangelion director), Hideaki Anno.  "Director Hideaki Anno's Japanese Special Effects Museum: craftsmanship of Showa & Heisei Eras Looked Thru Miniatures" will arrive at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, Summer 2012.

The Ghibli Museum will have exhibits honoring American artist and Disney designer Mary Blair, and Canadian animation legend Frederic Back.  The Ghibli Museum's latest release, "Tales of the Night," will also be shown at the Tokyo Anime Fair.  All in all, this promises to be an exciting event.

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watkinzez said...

I'm wondering if they'll announce another back catalogue Blu-ray release in April like they did with Whisper of the Heart last year, and what film it would be. If they're going for a loose tie-in with Poppy Hill, my money's on Only Yesterday.

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