The Ghibli Blog Reviews Index - Better Than Ever

The Ghibli Blog Reviews Index is now better than ever.  It has been given a complete overhaul, with a cleaner arrangement, easier navigation, and all-new graphics icons based on the site's stylish logo.  Everything really looks terrific and I'm quite proud of the result.  There are four main sections: Studio Ghibli, Pre-Ghibli (Takahata-Miyazaki), Anime Western (everybody else), and Live-Action (my old movie reviews from, RIP).

I will also begin overhauling the other menu items - Downloads, Reviews, Videos, and hopefully everything should be finished by this time next week.  The Contact item has been removed, as I put my email address right on the main page.  There will likely also be a new menu item, called "Gallery" or "Library."  It will be an index for movie posters, books and Miyazaki comics (excuse me, manga).

We don't have a complete reviews index, but we're getting very close.  I really need to write more anime reviews!  And Pixar...oy, don't remind me, I know, I know.  We also need reviews/essays on all the Ghibli Museum shorts, their direct-to-video movies, and the masterful 1987 documentary, The Story of Yanagawa Canals.  The good thing is that it proves that I'm nowhere close to running out of ideas.

Enjoy the new Reviews Index, kids....(quietly shuffles the tip jar forward). :P

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