Whisper of the Heart - DVD Versus Blu-Ray

I enjoy showing how the new Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray discs compare to their older DVD releases.  It's quite an eye-opener.  Mimi wo Sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart should be no different.

No doubt I've already made this point once or twice, but I'm struck by the luminescence and richness of the color on these Ghibli Blu-Rays.  The colors were somewhat washed-out on the older format, a necessary compromise to fit onto such a tiny space.  Now we can see something that is far close to its original vision.  I really love how vibrant these images appear.

I love the finer pencil lines to everything on the BD version.  The increased resolution, the cleaner color tones...heck, it's such a thrill to finally be rid of that "dusty," pixelated look.  The film grain effect is far more subtle and far better.  I think the picture is a little brighter, too.  Animation, as always, benefits tremendously from the Blu-Ray format.

Animation in the service of a coming-of-age story, a teen romance that finds magic in the everyday world instead of mere escapism - this is a revelation and a miracle.  We in the West should aspire to create animation like this.  We need more movies like Mimi.  It's honest, and for an art form defined by lies, that means something.

More DVD/Blu-Ray comparison shots below the fold:


Anonymous said...

Picked up the UK Bluray but havent watched this one yet, only watched Laputa and Arrietty so far.

Can't wait to see this wonderful movie again. With Arrietty the best non-Miyazaki/Takahata prodcutions

Ghibli said...

This is by far my most favourite Ghibli film. Finally being able to watch it in full resolution on a BD, they way it was meant to be, was such a powerful emotional experience. It brought tears to my eyes... again.

Ghibli said...

If I may do a little follow-up...
Daniel, there is one topic, which I believe, you never touched. It's the topic of fanfiction.
We all know that "Studio Ghibli does not do sequels" (tm) (Ghiblies 2 doesn't count), so if your imagination cannot stop churning after a film's end, and you are not into writing stuff yourself, then a good fanfic might ease the pain of parting with a particular plot.
That was the case for me and Whisper of the Heart. I ended up finding an amazing sequel to the film, written by Saddletank. He wrote it first as a screenplay, expertly following the mood and the camera work of Ghibli films and then re-wrote and expanded it as a stand-alone novel. It is very true to the character designs in the original film and manga and it touches upon another studio Ghibli film, subtly weaving it in as a side-story...
The novel is called "End of Summer".
If I got your interest peaked, it can be found here:

Thomas said...

I received this from the UK today and the Blu-ray version is sensational. I never thought the difference could be so great. And oh dear how I love this film. It is surely the best movie ever about first love. Also, the subtitles are white! I can´t stand yellow subs.

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