Photos - Heidi, Girl of the Alps (Japan Blu-Ray)

Some screenshots of the new Heidi, Girl of the Alps Blu-Ray box set.  It really looks fantastic, thanks to a newly-struck 35mm master (expanded from the original 16mm film negative).  Perhaps, if we're lucky enough, some publishers will pick up the series for release around the world.  That shouldn't be too difficult, since Heidi was exported to nearly every corner of the globe in the 1970s.

The picture quality is nothing short of amazing.  The older DVD version looks terrible, awful, washed-out.  This new version smashes it with a hammer.  I loved the paintery look of classic anime, the brushstrokes of the background artwork, the rich color tones.  Something significant was lost when animators put down their paintbrushes and pencils, and embraced the computer.  I would be thrilled to see what today's generation of animators could achieve if they were challenged to create a series like Heidi.

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Emma Heuchert said...

love love love!!! I grew up on Heidi, in Afrikaans. I never even knew it was a Miyazaki-work, yet I also adored Totoro and Kiki, in english....In my wildest dreams (maybe not even there), South Africa would release the movie on Blu-Ray....although I KNOW that's never going to happen =(

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