Ghibli Blog Comix Vol 1 - Free Download

Ghibli Blog Comix Vol 1 - Free Download

Well, folks, I have some good news and bad news.  The good news: due to popular demand, I'm kicking Dracula Burger down to my sister blog (Daniel Thomas Vol 4) and off The Ghibli Blog.  The bad news: I'm replacing it with a bunch of cartoons that are far worse.

So, instead of spending my evening doing my homework assignment (a series of posts on Farewell, Beloved Lupin), I stayed up half the night creating 30 Studio Ghibli-themed comics, all one-panel wisecracks inspired by years of watching Mystery Science Theater 3000.  And now I am making the full set available as a free download.  Just click on the above link and it's yours.

You're all perfectly free to do whatever the heck you want with them.  Scatter them across the internet, pass along with your friends, print out and use them as Valentine's Day Cards.  Heck, create your own wisecracks and make your own Ghibli comics.  These are all basically ripoffs of internet "meme" comics, anyway.  As long as you have a good laugh and some fun, that's all that counts.  So burn, baby, burn!

Enjoy, have fun.

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Ghibli said...

Good work. A few of the cells had me laughing out loud. Liked especially the valentine's card (you know you are going to make the lives of the boys much more difficult than necessary with that one) and the "Disney Princess" :D Oh, and the one about huffing paint....

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