From Up on Poppy Hill Blu-Ray on Amazon France

From Up on Poppy Hill Blu-Ray

From Up on Poppy Hill (La Colline Aux Coquelicots) is in the middle of its theatrical run in France, but is already looking forward to the inevitable Blu-Ray and DVD release.  An official release date has yet to be made, so don't expect any announcements anytime soon.  The movie still has to play in other countries first!

As always, Japan will have the Blu-Ray release first for 6-8 months before Australia, the UK and France.  We Americans, as always, will be the last ones at the party.  If we're lucky, Disney will try a US theatrical run next year.  In any case, kids, Poppy Hill is coming.  Start saving your pennies.

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Hayley Harrison said...

After seeing this trailer, my desire to see this film sky rocketed. And I was already going crazy...

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