Tales From Earthsea (Gedo Senki) - Blu-Ray Screenshots

The internet connection here at The Cranky Croc hostel in Bogota is on the slow side, but I'm still determined to upload and share all the important news and photos from the newest Blu-Ray releases.  Yesterday, we had a look at Howl's Moving Castle, and today we have Tales From Earthsea (Gedo Senki), which was also released in Japan last month.

This movie has many spectacular landscape artwork, and fans are sure to be amazed with this BD release.  There's a vitality to the color that's striking, and it's a clear improvement over the standard DVD.  I've found that animated movies in general appear a little washed-out in 480 resolution, and improve dramatically in 1080p.  If you want some movies to really show off your home theater system, these movies are a must.

The rest of the screenshots appear after the jump.  Update: All eight screenshots are now available.  Thanks again to Asian Blu-Ray for snapping the photos.  Enjoy!


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I Make Comments said...

Tales from Earthsea had beautiful background art. One of the only things I actually liked about the movie, however.

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