Don Rickles Roasts John Lasseter

As you may have heard, Pixar's John Lasseter was recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The ceremony was met with the press, the fans, and many of Lasseter-san's friends and coworkers.  And, best of all, Don Rickles was present to roast the man of the hour.  Fantastic!

On a side note, I showed my brother some Don Rickles routines from the Dean Martin Roasts, so that's probably what my wedding reception next year (June/July 2012, hopefully) will look like.


Anonymous said...

Rickles is da man! I used to do some of the lighting and sound for his nightclub act at the Sahara hotel in 'Vegas back in the day. Never got tired of watching him go after people during his shows! Timeless stuff!


I Make Comments said...

Amusing. Of course, I was a much bigger John Lasseter fan before the release of Cars 2....what a mess that movie was. I'm still mad at him for the existence of that movie...

By the way, speaking of Ghibli-Pixar relations, does anybody know why Totoro didn't appear in the latest Toy Story short? Totoro was one of Bonnie's toys, and he was no where to be seen.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Totoro was only used as a cameo in Toy Story 3, as a gesture to Studio Ghibli. I'm sure Miyazaki is not about to allow Disney and Pixar to use his creations indiscriminately. You're not going to see Totoro in any future Toy Story movies (oh, yes, there will be many more).

As for Cars 2, I still haven't seen it yet (I'll probably wait until I'm with Marcee in Bogota next month). But I can remind everyone of my movie rule: The conglomerates who run Hollywood are not in the movie business; they're in the toy business.

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