"Hayao Miyazaki: The World's Greatest Animator"

CNN has a terrific news feature on Hayao Miyazaki, and it's a rare appearance on US media. I've noticed that whenever Miyazaki-san travels to the US in support of his films, he is very polite and cautious, almost shy.  In his native Japan, however, the fierce warrior emerges, and you see the artist's strong-willed side.  This is a terrific interview and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I'd be happy if more Westerners saw Miyazaki's stronger, Shogun-like side; it would go a great distance to retire that tired cliche, "Walt Disney of Japan."  I'm not saying this as a criticism of Walt Disney, of course (even Disney himself wasn't quite the "Disney" archetype we imagine).  But these two great visionary filmmakers, while sharing a profession, are quite different in temperament and style.  By forcing everything into the Disney paradigm, we are losing much of what makes Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli great.

Anyway, click on the link to CNN's site to read the article (essentially a transcript of the video).


beyond said...

Hayao Miyazaki talks about Genpatsu in this 30 min CNN Talk Asia program. Taiwan News program reports it.

watkinzez said...

What's the bet that Miyazaki considers Ni No Kuni as "work to keep the studio running"? :P

Hayley Harrison said...

Did you see the other one? Miyazaki's comments on the earthquake were interesting.

Helen91 said...

damn straight he is the world's best animator

Nancy Zhang said...

Thanks for posting the interview :D

Andrew said...

"Disney of Japan" in that they are the most preferred and referred to animation of Japan. At least, thats what I mean when I say that.

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