Lupin III 1971-72 TV is Coming to America!

Fantastic news, everybody!  Lupin the 3rd is finally coming to America!  Discotek has announced that they have secured the rights to the original 1971-72 TV series, and will be releasing the DVD box set Spring 2012.  All 23 episodes of Series One will be included.

No word yet on extras, like interviews or commentary tracks.  Hmm...I really need to get on the horn to Discotek.  DVD commentary tracks would be fantastic, especially if we could get anime scholar Ben Ettinger on board.  The original Lupin III is an anime landmark, and yet it's largely unknown in the West.  Hopefully, this will soon change.  If I were at Discotek, I'd be pushing hard for Cartoon Network to pick up the series.

Edit: Did I write down "Cartoon Central?"  Oy.  My brain was thinking of Comedy Central because I have the entire series run of MST3K on my computer (greatest show ever, btw).  I think my brain is finally running of space.


Michael said...

Excellent news! Maybe this will increase the chance that we'll see The Castle of Cagliostro on Blu-ray in the US as well.

countertext said...

You mean Cartoon Network... and I'd bet some of the folks at CN would indeed be excited to get their hands on this.

Anonymous said...

The first 26 Lupin the III episodes used to air on Adult Swim in the west, so I don't think that's entirely accurate.

I've had several friends who didn't know squat about anime who used to watch it there

J.R.D.S. said...

That would be the first 26 episodes of the second, 1977–1980 series, which was released on DVD in the US and out of print again before I started buying any (at least imports). The second introduced the familiar (and awesome) theme tune but the first is the uniquely and bizarrely gritty one originally directed by Masaaki ŌSUMI.

Dominic said...

Great news. The second half of this series is brilliant, i've wanted to see 'let's catch lupin and go to Europe' in perfect quality.

Any word if the episodes will be Japanese with English subtitles?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I have no doubt English subtitles will be included. I would insist on it. The question is whether a dubtrack will be included. As Discotek is a fairly small company, I wouldn't expect them to produce one, so one would have to already exist.

"Let's Catch Lupin and go to Europe" is a great episode. I love how it finishes, very funny. And I especially love the final episode, number 23. They really went out with a bang, and I think it's a stronger episode than "Farewell Beloved Lupin."

Hopefully, anime fans will be able to get past the "dated" limited animation style, and embrace Lupin III Series One. Once it gets rolling, it's a fantastic show. I think Miyazaki fans will also appreciate the parts that were spun into Castle of Cagliostro.

Anonymous said...

I learned that both versions of the late 1960s "Pilot Film" will be part of the special features

- The series will get a complete series release

- The masters for the 1971 series will be remastered

- Sub only (Unfortunately)

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