Joe Hisashi in Paris

Joe Hisaishi is taking his orchestral performances of his Studio Ghibli scores on tour through Europe.  Here's a terrific video of his recent appearance in Paris.  It's interesting to see him on tour, and it would be nice to imagine a visit to the US.  The odds of that happening are pretty slim, however.  Studio Ghibli very much remains an unknown entity to most of the country.

Dedicated Hisaishi fans will want to pick up his concert DVD/Blu-Ray, which is available in Japan on the Ghibli ga Ippai label.  I'm sure your money is being saved up for the feature films, but it's nice to know there's always another addition to your library.


Russell said...

I don't suppose you could provide a link to the dvd you're talking about? I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

Here's some links to both the DVD and Blu-ray versions from GhibliWiki (may have to manually unwrap long link names):




I own the BD version and it is a great capture of that performance. I just used it for a demo of the Blu-ray playback capability of a new digital theater (former THX house) I helped to install in Laughlin, NV. Hearing it in a 200-seat THX house was wonderful!


Just8 said...

That is a great performance.
And it makes me want to watch Mononoke-Hime. Again.
Well you can never watch (or listen to) Mononoke -Hime too much.

Alex said...

I had the luck to go to this concert, and it was absolutely an unforgettable experience.

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