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In this impressive pair of videos, Youtube user Mike Elissen shows off his complete collection of Miyazaki-Takahata DVDs. His library includes discs from Japan, Hong Kong, the UK and North America. It's very similar to my own Ghibli DVD library, in that respect. If you're a diehard Ghibli fan, you'll learn the joys of importing discs.

It's interesting to note that only the feature films are included in this video. It would be especially impressive if Mike showed off a stack of Ghibli ga Ippai straight-to-video discs. I see that Isao Takahata's 1987 live-action documentary, The Story of Yanagawa Waterways, isn't in his DVD library. How about Ghiblies Episode 2? Did he get the Japanese DVD for The Cat Returns? How about A Night of Taneyama-gahara, the storybook short film directed by famed Ghibli artist Kazuo Oga? Or, if he really wants to impress friends and family, pull out Lasseter-San, Arigatou, or Hayao Miyazaki and the Ghibli Museum.

Whew! It only goes to show you, even when you think you've seen everything, you have much further to go. But isn't that part of the fun? Of course. Now if we could only do something about the stroke-inducing prices of Japanese import DVDs and BDs...ouch!


Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel,

I have been a longtime reader of the Ghibli Blog to keep myself updated and educated about Studio Ghibli for which I am very grateful.

However the look on my face today when I opened the Ghibli Blog and seeing my own face there was absolutely priceless. It took me 10 seconds to put one and two together.

Anyway, thanks a lot for showing my Ghibli Collection video on the Blog. I have been a big fan of Ghibli ever since I watched Spirited Away and have been collecting/importing for years.

You are indeed correct on the DVDs I am missing. I did pick up Night of Taneyamagahara, the European Blu-Rays but that is about it... I definitely want to get my hands on some more.

But indeed collecting Ghibli can go to the extremes, I would love (and should) to get more things from Japan. It would be nice to see some pictures of your own collection someday!

Anyway, big thanks for showing the video and please continue to writing on the Ghibli Blog because it is fantastic!

Mike (CineMEA/Aerodynamisch on YT)

Kajino P said...

Nice.... but better take a look at this collection... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Fantastic collection! Too bad I do not have the room to display otherwise I would have invested in some nice statues!

I would love to own the Bathhouse replica of Spirited Away but that is too expensive!

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