Totoro and Friends T-Shirt Design

Here is a terrific t-shirt design by Minnesota native Ashley Hay, titled, "Totoro and Friends."  You can buy one of these shirts at Ript Apparel.  Ashley's website can be found here.  She should enquire about selling her designs as licenced products.  Goodness knows there is a drought of Totoro merchandise here in the States.


Ettore said...

Apparently designs on Ript Apparel are only available for up to 24 hours. That is unless I missed something. Shame, I would have bought one of these :-)

Ashley said...

Thanks for the post! Yes Ript is only 24 hours but you can still purchase the shirt design here:

Thanks again!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the post! Yes you can only purchase the shirt for 24 hours on Ript but you can still get the shirt here from me:


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