Cars Blu-Ray - Here's a Few Screenshots

This coming Tuesday, Disney/Pixar is reissuing Cars along with The Incredibles.  I'm not too sure what's different from the existing Blu-Ray release, to be honest.  This is timed to coincide with this summer's Cars 2, which is going to become one of the biggest movie hits of the summer.  Ah, well, get used to seeing the same movies released again and again, just like DVD.

These screenshots come from the always-excellent forums at  Enjoy, kids!


hurdoug said...

those screens look like someone took them by pointing a camera at a telivision...

Stephanie said...

pixar = ghibli??? :/

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Oh, yeah, I write about Pixar every now and then. I also cover a lot of animation and anime, like Satoshi Kon's movies, for example. It's not too common, but it's another outlet for my writing on this site.

Also, I've been laid low with flu this weekend, and I have to post something. :P

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