The Ghibli Blog to Appear on Al Jazeera English

Excellent news, people!  The Ghibli Blog is going to appear on Al Jazeera English!  I recorded a short video interview segment for their program, Listening Post, on the subject of the Japan crisis and the role of media.

My clip was very short, recorded on my Samsung netbook (I wanted to record with the webcam on my desktop last night, but the internet connection zonked out for a few hours).  I shared a few thoughts on the critical role of the internet and social media.  It only took eight or nine takes to get it right, heh heh.  Oh, and Windows crashed.  Windows SNAFUs are God's way of telling you to get a Mac.

When the Japan episode of Listening Post airs, I'll be sure to post the video here on the blog.  I hope I don't look too tired in the clip.  Working on The Ghibli Blog is a full-time job for me, and...zzzzzzzzz.

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iaa_i said...

Congratulations !!
This is great news ..


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