"Little Norse Prince" on Hulu & IMDb

Ugh, I can't tell you how much I hate that lousy title.  It's not 'Prince Valiant," ya jerks!  You just know whoever finally brings Horus, Prince of the Sun to the States is going to use the wrong name.Jerks.

Anyway, Chris Sobieniak had this old television ad for Widdle Nowse Baby Schnookums, and also pointed out that the old MGM release, dubbed into English by Fred Ladd, is available on the IMDb, courtesy of Lulu.  You can watch the movie here.

Watching the dubbed version was an interesting experience.  The picture has been cropped into a 4:3 frame, which cuts out a great deal of the action, and that's certainly annoying.  And the voice acting is syrupy and childish, which is pretty much what you'd expect for its time....and doesn't it sound like the cast of Rocky & Bullwinkle did the voices?  Heck, I'll bet only a couple actors recorded all the voices.  To its credit, this film is very colorful, moreso than even the Japanese Horus DVD.  The difference is striking, really.

Oh, and according to the American credits, this movie was directed by "Sao Takahata."  That's right.  Bastards even mangled Paku-san's name.  That's always a good sign.

Ah, well.  Hollywood used to seriously mangle great anime films.  And the sun rises in the East.  Check out Widdle Pwince Baby Schnookums and see what this does for ya.

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