The Ghibli Blog on Wordle

I used the RSS feed to create a Wordle of The Ghibli Blog. A very impressive of this past week's events, don't you think? Heck, if I could add a logo to this word sculpture, or Photoshop the words "Ghibli Blog" into the mix, I could print this on t-shirts. Now that would be super cool, and in keeping with the punk rock tradition. Every band has to have their own t-shirt.

Update 1:42 -- I had so much fun tinkering around with the Wordle designer, I created a second one. This time, I used the site's main address. The classic movie poster style is pretty impressive, no? And this is the kind of graphic design that really grabs me. If and when I publish books based on this blog, this is exactly the cover design I'll pursue.


Joel said...

Dan thanks for the fantastic updates lately. I really enjoy every day reading your passionate take on all things Ghibli. I commute to work by train and to be able to read a post almost every day about the quality of blu ray packaging or the little tiny sleeves inside a DVD - these are the things I pay attention to and I wouldn't dream of sharing these loves with anyone in the real world as I fear people wouldnt understand. So thanks again and don't be disheartened by the fairly minimal comments from other readers, cos I can guarantee that almost all your readers don't have time to comment, but appreciate your blogs just like I do! Keep it up Dan and keep that Ghibli passion burning strong for us!

Oops3 said...

OR, the Ghibli fans have yet to trip over this! What a lovely place! I've already spent a lovely evening with Chie the Brat Girl!
Thanks for doing this place. I like it!

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