Forest of the Shishi Gami

Forest of the Shishi Gami - Mononoke Hime fansite

I discovered this ancient (by internet time) website devoted to Mononoke Hime.  It was last updated back in August, 1998, which means this is an unfiltered look into Miyazaki's grand epic.  This site essentially explains the characters and many of the concepts in the film, and some of the ideas from Japan's mythic past that are unknown to Westerners.

I think we're very fortunate that this website is still alive on the internet (graphics are long gone), so we should take advantage of the opportunity and preserve this history while we still can.  For the future Mononoke Blu-Ray, I would like to see a greater effort to communicate and explain the more Japanese elements of the film, instead of just glossing it over.  Some better subtitles, one that retained the Japanese titles, would be an excellent start.

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B said...

You notice the most buried things. Cool. :)

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