Blog Update - Taking Down the Christmas Tree Edition

As you can see by the previous post, I have now moved all the downloads into its own specific post, and created a direct link at the top of the page.  Last night and today, I've been engaged on cleaning up the website, making it easier on the eyes and easier to navigate.  I think this move will help somewhat.

For those new to The Ghibli Blog, the Downloads section is where I post (external) links to fan translations, or "fansubs" of anime and tv shows.  This includes the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata dating back to the 1960s.  These animations and comics are not available commercially in the West, and as such, they have yet to be discovered.

My goal when starting The Ghibli Blog was to build a comprehensive database of the Miyazaki-Takahata canon, as well as the works of their peers.  After nearly five years, I think we have made remarkable progress.

I'll continue to tweak and improve the blog as best I can.  As always, comments and advice are always welcome.

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Doug said...

Daniel - Welcome back!

Some explanation (either here or via external link) as to how this fansub thing works would be great. Do I download and view in say, Media Player? How do I use the subs?

Thanks again for all the work on this!

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