Photos - Laputa: Castle in the Sky (Blu-Ray #1)

I am SO looking forward to seeing this movie on Blu-Ray.  The standard DVD looks terrific to my eyes.  Imagine how good this will look on your big screen.  Castle in the Sky probably steals a bit too much from Future Boy Conan, and there is a certain "kitchen sink" quality in the way Hayao Miyazaki threw in bits and scraps of ideas from earlier projects, but so what?  This is an exhilarating movie, full of humor, romance, revealing layer after layer of depth.  Here is a movie that is far smarter than it first appears.

The picture quality in these screenshots is stunning.  You just want to get lost in these deep colors and finely-crafted textures. paycheck won't be direct-deposited into my bank account until midnight.  I don't know if I can hold out that long.

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