Tales From Earthsea Box Office Total - $41,200

Only $41,200.  Ouch.  To be sure, Tales From Earthsea played only in a handful of cities, with no advertising and little to no press.  I doubt most American Ghibli Freaks even know the movie was playing at all.  Heck, I'm still surprised Minneapolis-St. Paul didn't get a screening.  We always seem to get every anime movie that comes to the States.

This was a "contractual obligation" release, and largely for the sake of qualifying for awards.  I would expect a nod in the Best Animation Feature category at next year's Oscars, if only because this is Studio Ghibli, and 2010 is a very slow year for animation.  Toy Story 3, of course, will walk away with the Oscar, to no one's surprise.

Fortunately, I think we shall see Goro Miyazaki's Earthsea movie on DVD soon, alongside Nausicaa and at least one other title from the catalog.


Anonymous said...

It won't be able to qualify for the Oscars. If Evangelion 1.0 wasn't eligible because it was a 2007 film that didn't come stateside til 2009, a film that debuted in 2006 and didn't come out now won't be either. But maybe they bend the rule cause it's Disney and not a simple anime disturbutor.

TM said...

Now if only Omohide Poro Poro (Only Yesterday) was one of the catalog to be released here stateside - I think I could finally die happy.

Michael Sporn said...

The Illusionist" will open in December and may take out "Toy Story 3." It looks to be brilliant and has gotten great reviews in Europe.

Chris Palmer said...

I thought How to Train Your Dragon was great. Hope it is a strong contender.

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