Nausicaa Blu-Ray in Australia October 18, UK in November

Optimum has announced that the Nausicaa Blu-Ray will arrive in Australia this October 18.  Meanwhile, Madman has tweeted that Miyazaki's 1984 masterpiece will come to the UK this November.

This leaves me feeling very hopeful for a 2010 holiday release here in the US.  Heck, a few more Studio Ghibli movies on Blu-Ray, and I might be tempted to finally get an HDTV.  Now if the studio could only get on board with digital distribution, we wouldn't be seeing them wait until the last minute to support a media format.

I'm so totally looking forward to this.  Nintendo and the airlines might get all my Christmas money, but I'll save room for Nausicaa.

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Anonymous said...

Knowing Disney we probably won't see this til 2011...

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