Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind - Now on Blu-Ray

The Nausicaa Blu-Ray is now on the streets!  I can't wait to get my hands on this one.  It's going to be expensive to import, yes, but check out all the cool extras you get, including the very stylish package.  I really like this design, and I'm hoping Studio Ghibli will continue this for future releases.  English subtitles for the movie are included, but not for any of the extras.  The DVD commentary track, the only one recorded for a Studio Ghibli film, should also be included.

According to one news report, Toshio Suzuki was unsatisfied with a cover design offered by Disney, so he turned to a friend who was a graphic designer, which resulted in this killer design.  I love it - it's just like something Criterion Collection would do.  Another interesting demand was one made by Hayao Miyazaki: no digital editing would be allowed.  This means Nausicaa would look like the 35mm film; sharper and cleaner than ever before, but untouched.  Compare this to Disney's approach to digitally restoring their classics, which aim to recreate the look of the original animation cels, instead of the film.

As you can see, the Nausicaa Blu-Ray includes a small book, packed with photos from the movie, sketches from the production, and long essays about Hayao Miyazaki.  There's even a photo of him from his much younger days.  It's striking how much different he looked back then.  We're very lucky to still have him alive and working today.

YesAsia has the best price on Nausicaa - only $78.25, with free international shipping.  Yeehh booy!

I honestly have no idea when Nausicaa will be released here in the States.  I'd hope it would be sometime before Christmas, but that's just wishful thinking.  Perhaps Disney will reissue more Ghibli films on DVD, as they had done earlier this year.  We'll see what happens; until then, let's import this Blu-Ray and get all the cool extras while we still can.  This is one of the best movie releases of the year.


ItchyScratchyUrr said...

this movie (nassacaa) realy did need a hd rendition- on my ghibli 14 movie collector edition dvd set, the film seemed like it needed a pixel injection (it should have been done in square pixels rather than 4:3) I haven't payed much attention to this blog for a while and i'm giddy with the sudden show of a new film instalment but also the prommis of a re-release of masterpiece theatre works is very exiting- I got anne of green gables years ago from usa2uk (no longer there i think) and most of the other titles from various sites like 'jsdvd' (animation under pim group) but many did not have subtitles (did not stop me though) anne o.g.g is one of the best examples of young ghibli and I wouldn't be happy with a cut down movie- its so frustraiting to know this stuff exists but is not being made accessable or properly released- why did shirlock hound not get deul audio at hmv (uk)? the music of the jap version was far better. subtitles and optional original sound track is essential in these things. And kill the damn region codeing too! (damn you whoever be responsible) if it weren't for you i would not have spent 10 hours a-go convrting to avi's for my ps3! you think I should upload these? got loads of titles- 'wizard of oz' was way cool- someone might subtle them for me XD (watashi wa nihungo ga, wacolli-mas-sen!)

asuka said...

nice goodies in the case.
i just got my new disney totoro. two discs, but apart from them no nuffin. :(

Isabel Bracho said...

Could you please give me the name of the movie. I saw it when I was a little girl, but i dont remember the name of it. (there is a picture of a young girl dressed in native clothes).

Isabel Bracho said...

Im sorry. I think I need to tell you the plot and hopefully this will be more helpful. Its about a girl who is accepted in a village. She has special powers but is under the evil control of the underground( i dont remember). After a while she falls in love with the people in the village and refuses to keep helping the evil force. I dont remember exactly but this is pretty much what happened.
thank so much for this blog. I was able to find "Puss in boots" I loved this movie!!!!! I will buy it for my daughters for christmas.

Unknown said...

@Isabel Bracho:
I think you may be talking about Hilda from Horus Prince of the sun, aka "Little Norse Prince Valiant".

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