Poster - Lupin III Series One (Ghibli Museum Library)

This is the official poster for the movie release of Lupin III Series One in 2009 for the Ghibli Museum Library.  This isn't a full-length movie, but three episodes of the original 1971-72 television series.

The three episodes shown are from the later Takahata-Miyazaki episodes, when they were brought in by A Productions after its earlier, grittier episodes directed by Osumi Masaki, which were met with low ratings.  Ordered to change the tone of the show, and compelled to bring their own stamp on the series, Takahata and Miyazaki introduced tighter scripts, more integrated characters, and more overt slapstick comedy and less (read: no) sex.

After two seasons and 23 episodes, Lupin III was cancelled for lack of ratings, a situation every Star Trek fan can relate to.  But don't worry, say the Trekkies.  The fans will pass along the tapes and the popularity will grow and grow.  And it did.  Lupin III is now one of the most popular and iconic characters in anime.

(Oh, btw, Lupin III Series One is now available on Blu-Ray in Japan.  Can we bring in the fansub community on this one?  We already have subtitles for the DVD version, so it shouldn't be too difficult.  Of course, it would be even better if I could just buy this in a store...hint, hint!  Fat chance on that happening.)

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