Jarinko Chie Blu-Ray - Fansub Download Now Available

Excellent news, everybody. The Blu-Ray release of Isao Takahata's 1981 movie Jarinko Chie is now available as a fansub. I've added the link to the Downloads section, replacing the previous DVD fansub.

I really love this movie; it's blend of slapstick and gross-out comedy is unique of Takahata, but the emotional human melodramas are still there in force. Yasuo Otsuka and Yoichi Kotabe served as the Animation Directors, and the trio are masters of their craft. Little would moviegoers know that both Otsuka and Kotabe were nearing the end of their animation careers. Otsuka would become a teacher at the Telecom studio, and Kotabe would work with Hayao Miyazaki on the Nausicaa film, before migrating to Nintendo. For the old Toei crew, this would be their last great heist.

The Blu-Ray was not released by Ghibli and Buena Vista in Japan; this does leave the possibility open for a Western publisher to grab the rights and bring it to North America. There ain't no way Disney would touch Chie with a ten-foot pole. If they were squeamish about all those tanukis not wearing pants, well...

I can't wait to see how Chie looks in hi-def. This is going to look terrific. I'll post some screenshots as soon as I'm able.


James said...

Yeah! Chie's the greatest! Also recently from that Yasuo Otsuka documentary I was really surprised to hear them say that Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston were "astonished" by Chie and that THEY thought it surpassed even Disney in warmth and depth of portrayals.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I remember that part, and it's a very high complement. It's especially insightful when you consider that Takahata's driving force was to get as far away from Walt Disney as possible. It only goes to show you that great art can be understood and enjoyed by everyone.

Jarinko Chie on Blu-Ray looks fantastic. I really wish someone would bring this film to the States. I'll be posting up some screenshots for everyone to enjoy.

Now, everybody, start downloading!

meongu [L@n @nh Nguyen] said...

hey that quality is very good. I'm on bakabt too but didn't notice, thanks for the info :D

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