Will My Neighbors the Yamadas be Ghibli's Next Blu-Ray?

Reader Beyond offered this following insight about Studio Ghibli's upcoming plans for HD and Blu-Ray:

In fact, NTV had broadcasted Nausicaa, Laputa, Totoro, and Kiki etc in HD. Nausicaa to be broadcasted on Feb 19 again. Though these are not true HD but Up Convert version HD.

According to Suzuki's comment in the radio show, Ghibli's next BD is seems Yamada. This is not official announcement.

Suzuki said "Other's BD is not difficult if BD of Ponyo is made."
Will My Neighbors the Yamadas be Studio Ghibli's next Blu-Ray release?  I would expect a similar pattern to their DVDs, where the most important films - Nausicaa, Totoro, Sen & Chihiro - are released last.  I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Yamada-kun arrive early.   That movie is a favorite of mine, and I'll be first in line with debit card in hand.
Thanks for sharing, as always.

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