Poster - Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea (For Your Consideration - Best Animated Feature)

Courtesy of, here is the Ponyo poster in consideration for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars.  I still insist that Ponyo is worthy of a Best Picture Oscar nomination, but Disney is focusing all their energy on securing a nod for Pixar's Up.

I fully expect Up to be included among the Best Picture nominees this year, if only because of the sense that Wall-E was unjustly snubbed before the Oscars doubled the number of contenders.  If that doesn't happen, I will be shocked.  I would hope the Academy voters would wisely share the accolades in this event; if Pixar gets the more prestigous Best Picture nominee, then Ponyo surely deserves a space in the Best Animated Feature category.  In any event, Miyazaki deserves a second Oscar.  But, of course I'd say that, wouldn't I?

1 comment:

Dillangit said...

Ponyo's the cutest
beside, Miyazaki has always had a better stories beyond imagination
for me Ghibli's RULE!!!

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