Blogger is Being a Pain Today

Blogger isn't letting me publish your comments this morning.  I've tried repeatedly, only to be hit with error messages.  Hopefully, this problem will sort itself out quickly.  I just wanted to let everyone know, in case you're wondering what happened to your comments.

I'd just like to say, great points from everyone involved.  I'll see if I can track down that 2000 NHK video on Spirited Away that I mentioned yesterday.  If it's on Youtube, it will be in Japanese, so maybe one of us can find it.

Update (12:30 pm): It seems we're working again, kids.  The comments are getting published again.

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beyond said...

This is not Spirited Away documentary but great Miyazaki's documentary titled "Hayao Miyazaki:Saint-Exupéry Dream to the Sky" broadcasted in 1998 by NHK. This was released on DVD.
Miyazaki visits Cape Juby from France. Cape Juby was an airport where Saint-Exupéry spent as a director for one year. Miyazaki respects him. When Miyazaki finds Cape Juby from the sky he sheds tears.

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