Ponyo Blu-Ray Screenshots

I posted these screenshots during the Labor Day holiday, and I'm not sure if everyone had a chance to see Ponyo on Blu-Ray.  So here we go, have at them again!  Remember to click on the photos to see them in full-size, and they're very big, so keep that in mind.  Let's see if we can get these circulating on the internet...good luck!


Anonymous said...

It looks delicious

greentea said...

Showing these pictures again in nice Bluray quality.. shortly after reporting the delay of the DVD release? Agh.. I feel a little wistful, especially looking at the first picture. I wonder if those little Ponyos have been made into stuffed toys yet. They definitely look cute enough.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Well, if we see the screenshots, maybe we'll keep our hopes up. I'll be hopeful that we'll get Ponyo early next year.

There are many stuffed Ponyo toys in Japan. You can import them from any number of websites. Disney, however, is forbidden to sell any Ghibli merchandise in the US. Miyazaki kept that arena off-limits.

It's an unspoken topic, but I have no doubt this is a factor in Disney's treatment of the Ghibli catalog. The Hollywood conglomerates are not in the movie business - they're in the merchandising business. The movies are commercials for the toys, the clothing line, the video games, the breakfast cereal, the flame thrower WHOOSH!!

The kids love that one :P

Karen said...

love the pictures, son. I think I will use the one with the little one beeping out of the house as a desk
top background.
Keep up the good work.
P.S. call your mother........
Mom xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR THE HD PICTURES! I made a Windows 7 Theme from them, hope that's okay! Can't wait for the US Blu-ray release!

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