Where is Ponyo Playing in Australia? Now We Know!

Ponyo is now playing in theaters across Australia, so I encourage every one of you to head over to the multiplex with friends and family in tow.

Where is Ponyo playing?  Madman has the list of theaters (with direct links) on their Ponyo page.

Feel free to share your stories and antecdotes from down under.  As you can see, I've written many posts about Ponyo - I hope I haven't spoiled anything for you!

P.S. Ponyo is being shown in both Japanese and American soundtracks.  Be sure to contact your local theater to find which version you want to see.  Be sure to see both versions and share your impressions.


Henry said...

Sorry to double post Daniel but I've just come across some screenies of the Howl's Moving Castle R4 menu here:

It's also interesting to see how they compare to the Korean release.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Thanks! I did check out the DVD Beaver page, and it was great to see the comparisons. I've been curious to see how good the Korean discs looked, because they are so much cheaper than the Japanese DVDs. It turns out you get what you pay for.

The Australian DVDs look quite good. That's a welcome sight.

Anonymous said...

I just thought I'd share this.

I saw Ponyo last night here in Sydney, Australia, which is two weeks since it opened here. I had been waiting the standard, very-long-time, for it to be released. I was anxious that circumstances had caused even more delay to me seeing it. I remember how tricky it was when I tried to see Howl's.

My friend, who owed me a movie night, kept saying that Ponyo was only playing as a matinee around the traps. I found this curious and disappointing. I figured it was on its way out already. You see, I was unaware that they had released the English version here as well in the googleplexes. I was originally assuming that we'd only get the Japanese subtitled version here. So quickly I put two and two together and asked him to check out its screenings in the more arthouse style cinemas. To my delight, there it was, screening at 8:45pm.

We went, watched, and loved and the cinema was rather full and no children in sight. I'm not saying this in a negative way. Instead I was so happy that there were still enough of us grown ups out there to enjoy a film like Ponyo and support his films.


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