Today is Pirate Day!

Yaarrgh!  Today be International Pirate Day!  We´re going to be watching Animal Treasure Island, drinking lots of beer, and causing mayhem whenever possible.  I suggest you better do the same.


Anonymous said...


eishagishi said...

Avast ye scurvy swabs!

Standby to repel boarders!

Uh oh...

Oooo, shouldn't 'ave scratched me head with that hand...

Raiden said...

Have happy blogging dude.
I'm the owner of raiden-rs blog, glad to see my links here.I will do the same as you, drink lots of beer and watch anime.

Anonymous said...

awwww honey im sorry i fall sleep i just saw the first part pf the movie but next time we must watch
btw this movie is funny

love you so much <3 =)

Chris Sobieniak said...

Too bad it's the day after ITLAP Day. Still, glad to bring up this classic now and then.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Heyyyy Marcee mmmmuak!!

Yeah, everybody, that's Marcela Arias Rubio. She's the one I spent the last 8 days with. I just got back in town tonight, and I have the dragging feeling of planes turning in my head.

I was watching Animal Treasure Island on the plane today, which is lots of fun. This is always on my short list of "quick watch" movies. It's fun and thrilling and goofy, and never claims to be anything else. It's a comic book adventure that should appeal to the Miyazaki fans.

When I desperately need to distract myself because the plane is doing hard turns in endless holding patterns outside of Atlanta, and heavy storms are rattling the plane like a tin can.....hmm, what was the point, again? Oh, yeah, perfect time for Animal Treasure Island.

@Raiden: Thanks for writing! It's duly appreciated, and your work is very valuable to the fansub community. I'm sorry to see your site is retiring - but all the links will remain, everyone!

Raiden said...

Please make a banner like the other ones I have so I use it on my blog to link to you.

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