Riffs - Horus, Prince of the Sun

As always, I'm far behind on the riffs.  I have a sizable database of photos on my computer that I really need to post on the blog.  Let's get started with a famous shot that has been quoted many times.

Our first shot hails from Horus, Prince of the Sun; the short celebration that is interrupted by the attack by the wolves.  This moment was riffed a few years later in Heidi, shown in the second screenshot.  Notice the person in the bear costume?  It's a clever nod to Renior's Rules of the Game.  The riff appears once again in Howl's Moving Castle, as we see here.

Finally, have a look at this.  I was genuinely surprised when I saw it.  This is the animated Transformers: The Movie from 1986.  The animation was outsourced to Toei in Japan, a far cry from their glory days as the "Disney of the East."  This homage to Horus must have made Isao Takahata smile a little.  The studio he battled finally paid homage to the movie they so fiercely resisted.

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korman643 said...

Very important message for all Takahata fans who may happen to be near Turin/Torino (Italy) in the next couple of weeks. The Turin National Cinema Museum (one of world's largest) is organizing from Sept. 16 a massive retrospective of Japanimation, called "Anime Impact". Here's the program (alas, in Italian)

Among the other movie screened, on Sept 23 there will be a double bill with "Puss in Boots" and "Horus", with pristine copies (obviously with the Japanese dub).

If anyone plans to come, let me know here.

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