Ponyo - Film, Blu-Ray, and DVD

Okay, last post on the subject.  I wanted to show all three versions of Ponyo together at once - film, Blu-Ray, and DVD.  These film screenshots come from Studio Ghibli's press packets, and they're taken directly from the source.  And remember that the Blu-Ray shots come from the trailer on the Race to Witch Mountain disc.

You'll have to view them in full size to get a fair look, so be sure to click on the photos.  First photo is the film, second is the Blu-Ray, and third is the DVD.

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Rob Kohr said...

I get what you are trying to say here but comparing images lifted from a press packet to images lifted from the HD trailer (or blue ray disk) or DVD disk, just isn't a good comparison. First off when a studio makes promo material they won't copy it from the film negative that they distribute to theaters. Its far less time consuming to copy it from the RAW digital files. That said this 35mm images are not from the 35 print. Also while the luminance of film is higher, the contrast ration on a traditional HD TV can be higher. Some TV's now sell 20,000:1 Also a lot of 35mm prints are just that prints, they are made from a master negative, which means one generation of loss. The negative is made from the RAW digital file. As far as a film taking up 1.5 TB that depends on how the film was made. many films are being made in 1080p uncompressed now due to the massive savings as opposed to working in 4K. Working in 4K is only really necessary if you are George Lucus and you can have your film projected at 4K which is amazing. I would be pretty surprised if this film was made in 4K, my guess is the source was 2K or 1080p.

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