Up, Monsters Inc on Blu-Ray November 10; Where's Ponyo?

It appears that Monsters, Inc. will finally be released in America on Blu-Ray, after being delayed for many months (it's currently available in Japan). Pixar's UP will also be released on DVD and BD the same day - November 10.

You can see the Amazon pre-order page for UP and Monsters, Inc. Interesting that the BD cover for UP uses the movie poster, but with the typically repressive smiley faces on everybody. Why is animation in this country so damned obsessed about being so happy? There's a creepy Stepford Family element at play that has always unnerved me.

This raises the question of Ponyo, if and when it will be released on DVD and BD. There was the earlier report of an October 29 release in the US, but two caveats arise: 1) no official announcement has been made, and 2) no preorder page on Amazon has been created. It could be argued that the announcement won't be made until after Ponyo's theatrical release, and given the shrinking windows between theater and DVD, this would be a smart move. But Disney's tradition of burying Studio Ghibli's DVDs looms large.

As always, everthing depends on turnout. If Ponyo becomes a solid hit, expect the Disney empire to push the product. If not, Miyazaki's latest will be swept under the rug, just like all the others. Stay tuned.

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