Ponyo Showtimes - Here's Another Website

Here is a second website where you can search for Ponyo showtimes. If you were frutsrated in your earlier searches, check again today. Most theater chains have now posted their Friday schedules.

Here in Minneapolis-St. Paul, there are seven theaters showing Ponyo. The last three Miyazaki pictures played on one screen - the Uptown or Lagoon Theatres. Disney is finally coming through. It sucks that they had to demand their pound of flesh in return for support, but the support for Studio Ghibli is real. Ghibl Freaks everywhere should be happy and excited.

Fandango - Ponyo


asuka said...

spankyou - many many more venues noted. including three quite near me. which is only proper for a cultural mecca like cleveland.

asuka said...

btw, daniel. i sent you an email using the address on the blog. no real need to reply [or publish this comment of course] - i just don't know how stringent your spam filters are, and experience has taught me to be aware that things sent may go astray!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

No, I did receive your email, thanks.

The number of theaters showing Ponyo should now be available to everyone across the country. If you live in a large or medium city in America, you should be able to see the movie.

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