Ponyo Opens in Australia (edit) - I Can't Read a Calendar

Ponyo Opens in Australia Today
(*Edit: It seems that I can't read a calendar. Ponyo opens across Australia August 27. Five straight days of rain and thunderstorms will fubar your sense of time. Just as well, as it gives everyone more time to plan their Ponyo parties.)

Yaay!! Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea opens in theatres across Australia today. Everyone be sure to go this weekend, take your kids, take your parents, take your friends.

Cinema Nova will be showing Ponyo in both the original Japanese soundtrack (with English subtitles), and John Lasseter's American soundtrack. Visit their site for locations.

All of our Aussie Ghibli Freaks can post their impressions and stories on this comment thread. Feel free to tell us what you thought!


Henry said...

Actually, Ponyo doesn't open until the 27th here.

Here's the Official Australian website:

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am only aware of the 27th as well.


Sean L. said...

They get the option of Japanese w/ subtitles?! Lucky ducks.

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