Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea - Japan's Music Video

This is just perfect. Priceless and perfect. There are Youtube videos of the girl, nine-year-old Nozomi Ohashi, singing the Ponyo song on tv and in shopping malls. Her dance moves even started a pop fad in Japan.

Meanwhile, in America, Disney turns a sweet and pure children's song into a slick, processed, Autotuned hunk of junk. And despite all of that, the Disney Channel cattle still stayed away and the movie tanked. We got taken for a ride.

Here, this will help you feel better.


James said...

Is that Suzuki-san as the driver? Nice!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Yes! You have keen eyes! The driver is indeed Toshio Suzuki. I did a double take, myself.

Sean L. said...

That's just adorable. I love the theme song in Japanese--it's simple, cute, and infectious. Reminds me of Raffi, who I loved to listen to when I was little. I was very happy that in the dub they at least had the normal version at the start of the ending credits. That was pretty well done.