Deep Thought

I was supposed to write interesting posts here on the blog, just in case all the new traffic wanted to stick around, but I ended up watching a documentary on Youtube about Michael Larson. Big Bucks No Whammies!

Sometimes I think generating traffic is like those game shows. It's a gamble and you never know what's going to hit.


Geoff N said...

Yeah, your daily visits have gone way up, congratulations.

I'm not 100% sure, but they have seemingly tripled since around February/March.

When I first started reading this blog around Fall 2007, I think your daily visit average was 1/5 what it is now. So you must have had a huge surge a visitors to get it to what it is now.

Hopefully the numbers just keep going up!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Traffic shot up with the site redesign. That's to be expected, because it's now so much easier to find things. And our popularity has slowly been growing ever since. Everybody can see for themselves via the Sitemeter box at the very bottom of the page.

There will be spikes due to specific posts, usually because of attention from Ain't It Cool News or GhibliWiki or Twitter. The Share tags at the end of each post will push this site even higher, enabling readers to share more easily.

And, naturally, there is a spike in traffic in anticipation of Ponyo's US theatrical release this Friday. The buzz for this movie is much higher than previous Miyazaki films; it remains to be seen how that translates into ticket sales next weekend. We shall see....

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