Poster - Hakujaden

I finally sat down tonight and watched the American dub of Toei Animation's Hakujaden, which was retitled, "Panda and the Magic Serpent." It's a really terrific movie, and I'll be devoting a few more posts on the subject.

Hakujaden was Toei Doga's first full color animation feature from 1958, and was the first color animation film from Asia. It remains a major landmark in what would become known as "anime." Sadly, it is also virtually unknown in the West, aside from those lucky enough to have seen Panda and the Magic Serpent eons ago when they were kids.

Here's another photo of the movie poster, brighter and more detailed than the other one. It's a really excellent poster, and an excellent movie. I've really become quite the "classic" Toei fan.

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