Lite-On iHOS104 BD-ROM Blu-Ray Drive

Computer Shopper has very good things to say about Lite-On's Blu-Ray player for PC. This model (iHos104 BD-ROM) is read-only, which is largely responsible for the low price. They rated it an 8 out of 10, which is very, very good. If your monitor and graphics card are ready for hi-def, this may be an excellent entry for Blu-Ray.

I've used my computer for watching DVDs for many years. Even though I have a portable DVD player that connects to the living room tv set, I very rarely watch movies on that. The PC monitor was always so much better. Unfortunately, after the botched Windows XP install after teh last upgrade, I haven't been able to watch anything. Boo!

I'll have to try to re-install Windows XP on my computer so everything is working properly again. If that's successful, then I'm definitely picking this baby up.

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