BREAKING: Hayao Miyazaki Not Born in USA!

Hayao Miyazaki and No-Face
Where is the birth certificate, No Face?!


Anonymous said...

We don't have all the information, but these birth rumors sound kind of "stupidly".

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Yeah, go check the poll numbers at Daily Kos; that will really depress you. The outlet that I can see is comedy. The best way to deal with the criminally stupid is to laugh at it.

Anonymous said...

I check Gallup: 54%+/40%-. And Rassmussen: 48%+/51%-.

What kind of joke can I make in this... you know, looking at the trend of approvals, he's actually got alot in common with the previous' first 6 months: dipping up in the 60's and then sliding down to the 50's... all he needs now is a terrorist attack to hit the US and then we'll slobber our love all over him again!

Too bad he's gone back on his campaign word and continues more of the previous admin's security policies though. Why must he hardline like Bush for America's safety???!!! Like Miyazaki-san, I too am wishing to see the end of mankind's civilization. How wonderful it would be to see more skyscrapers tumbling down... Also on the topic of disasters and floods, I feel lucky and I thank Bush for allowing Katrina's catastrophe to happen just so Louisianians can appreciate a flood with their neighbors. But I guess it won't happen again.

Is this comedy? I think I just made myself even more depressed.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

No, you should probably go back and rework the jokes. Head to the nearest "open mic night" and practice up. Good luck on that.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about President Obama's approval numbers. Remember that he was elected with 54% of the vote, and that the economy is still a mess (but clearly improving), and the health care debate was always going to be rocky. These were never going to be salad days, but things shall improve. On that, I have no worries.

I wouldn't personally bother with Rassmussen. His methods are suspect, and it's been well documented and Yadda yadda yadda. And judging by the polling numbers for both political parties, and across the regions of America, President Obama remains far more popular than the Republicans, who have just gone completely insane.

I don't wish to inject politics into this blog, so my apologies to everyone for chatting about this. This post was my snarky satire of the whole stupid "birther" conspiracy, which strikes me as barely concealed racism. Thankfully, this is a belief that is relegated mostly to the South and the Republican base. A few very loud voices can appear to be larger than life, but it is an illusion.

My recommendation? Play some Stevie Wonder albums, Play some Miles and Coltrane, too. Peace and love, minna-san!

Anonymous said...

I can go for a Beer Summit. But I'm not apologizing.

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