Trailer - Animal Treasure Island

Animal Treasure Island is one of my absolute Miyazaki favorites, much like Puss in Boots, and it's a terrific thrill ride from start to finish. Discotek has also released this movie on DVD a few years ago, and it deserves to belong in everyone's collection.

Here are the two Japanese movie trailers, they're both really very good. Hmm...maybe I should watch this now? The television in the apartment isn't getting any use now that analog has switched to digital. Ahh, silence! Can you imagine life without tv? Well, I'm living it, people! And it's a wonderful life to lead.

So, anyway, get your hands on Animal Treasure Island. One of the great Toei movies and an early achievement for Hayao Miyazaki. Enjoy!

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Chris Sobieniak said...

I'm still proud of my involvement in having submitted a tape of the film's English dialogue version that was used for the disc despite technical limitations with it being a copy of a copy of a TV airing I had gotten from a friend. If I ever come across a 16mm copy of it, I hope to snatch it!

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