New Poll: Your Favorite Pixar Movie

I saw this question asked on DisneyPixar's Twitter page, and it seemed perfect for this week's poll. As usual, everything is on the right-hand column, just below the pictures. You can vote for any of Pixar's feature films, or you can choose their shorts if you enjoy those the most. And, as always, you can cast you vote in support of pie.

The poll runs for a week, as usual. These longer polls give everyone a chance to chime in.

For posterity, here are the results of last week's poll. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Question: Which Miyazaki film at Berkeley to you want to see most?

Laputa: Castle in the Sky - 8
My Neighbor Totoro - 9
Porco Rosso - 12
Princess Mononoke - 6
I Like Pie - 5

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