New Poll - Rate the Ponyo Trailers

Now that the Disney US trailer for Ponyo is available online, I thought I'd go back and revisit the movie trailers from Japan and France again. That means it's time for the newest weekly poll. Which of these Ponyo trailers did you like the best?

I won't skewer the voting with my own opinions here, so I'll just post the three trailers here. I will say that the US Ponyo trailer really looks terrific in 1080p. It's definitely growing on me, too, but that's because I had the sound down. Maybe it's that announcer I don't like. He'll never fill Ed McMahon's shoes, God rest his soul.

First, the Japanese preview:

Second, the French preview:

Third, the US preview (1080p):

And Fourth, as always, the pie.


Anonymous said...

I actually like the US one. They each show a different tone that exists in the film - the Japanese one seems quieter/character-driven, the French sort of romantic/mystical/destiny-driven, and the US one tends to the action/hero's journey.

Chandra said...

I loved the French trailer - absolutely beautiful! Makes me very excited to see the film! American trailer makes it look like an entirely different film, but it did help me realize that one of the characters I assumed was male in the other 2 trailers was actually a female. Thanks so much for posting these!

blauereiter said...

I guess I still prefer the Japanese trailer - can't wait to watch it again on dvd !

Amaranth said...

I never liked any ghibli trailers except for the french ones which are brilliant. With Ponyo it's the same. I completely dislike the US one. It is completely misleading as to the tone of the film and the story and idea behind it. Plus it is boring!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I must admit that the French trailer is my favorite, and it appears to be a favorite with you as well. The music is probably the major reason, as well as its pastoral, reverential tone. But all three trailers are good, as long as they can fill those seats in the cineplex.

Malik Ming said...

Yes, the music was the key factor for favoring the French one. I love any trailer that's all music, no voice over, as it gives the images a more mysterious, yet lyrical and inviting tone (much like the trailers for 2001: A Space Odyssey and, for something completely different, A Clockwork Orange).

James said...

The soundtrack is crucial to these trailers. The Japanese one gives a cheerful friendly sense, the French one gives a beautiful majestic sense, the US one gives it voice over persuasion and excitement. Having seen the movie, I can say Ponyo contains all of these. Each trailer is just restricting itself to show a certain side.

Personally, I like the French one the best just because it is the most lyrically beautiful. Though if I were to guess which one would sell best to an average American audience, I would hesitate on the French and Japanese ones.

ilona said...

I liked the french trailer the best, i only hated the music..

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