Hayao Miyazaki Live at Berkely - Ghibli Movies in July

Some exciting news for American Ghibli Freaks: Hayao Miyazaki will appear at UC Berkely on July 25. The Center for Japanese Studies will be awarding him the 2009 Berkely Japan Prize for his long and distinguished film career.

Miyazaki will be present for an interview, followed by a Q/A with the audience. That's right, folks, this event is open to the public.

For tickets, go here. Seating is extremely limited, so move quickly. It's going to sell out quick, if it hasn't done so already. Miyazaki visits the United States very rarely, so this may be your one great chance to meet and greet him.

More good news: there will also be screenings of Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli movies during July. These are actual 35mm film prints, not DVDs, on the big screen. And...drumroll, please.....Japanese language with English subtitles. Yaayy!

Here is the schedule for the Ghibli movies at Berkely:

Sunday, July 12, 20094:00 p.m. My Neighbor Totoro
Tuesday, July 14, 20097:00 p.m. Porco Rosso
Sunday, July 19, 20092:30 p.m. Castle in the Sky
Tuesday, July 21, 20097:00 p.m. Princess Mononoke

Personally, I would love to go to these events, but it's extremely unlikely I'd be able to. I have to save up for my next two trips with Marcee: Bogota in September, Bogota and Buenos Aires for New Years. This means somebody will have to attend and give the news reports for The Ghibli Blog. Anyone who is able to secure tickets to the Miyazaki event, please contact me.

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