Deep Thought - Poll Edition

"Is this better than a piece of pie?" should be the yardstick for movie ratings.

Also, this is the most competitive poll race yet. France will easily win, but there's a three-way tie for second place. Anybody could pull an upset. Go Pie Go!

Also, I've already got the next poll planned. Be sure to bone up on your Miyazaki movies.


serhei said...

I think the Japanese and American trailers appeal to diametrically opposite ideas of what a trailer should do. The American one got my vote because it creates a more visceral excitement for the movie; I still judge trailers according to my pre-discovery-of-Ghibli sensibilities because, based on post-Ghibli sensibilities, trailers just have to tell you that such and such a movie exists and if you want a dose of excitement why don't you watch the actual movie.

That said, the dialogue is laughable, the CGI compositing work at the beginning is horribly jarring and demonstrates better than a thousand words why every 2D animation studio hires a director of filming to figure this stuff out; and finally, the choice of scenes distorts the meaning of the story. So basically it's a good trailer, and it gets my vote, but it's for some other movie than Ponyo.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Personally, I've always been a fan of movie preview trailers. All I ask is that they don't give away the entire story, that the volume isnt' too loud, and the narrator doesn't use those awful cliches, like, "In a World Where...."

The best movie trailers I've seen in recent years all come from independent films, pictures like Persepolis, Waking Life, The Fog of War, Touching the Void...just a few that I remembered very well. Those were previews that made me excited about an upcoming movie.

Realistically, a movie preview is only a commercial. It's an ad for a product. As long as my ears aren't ringing and nobody gives all the secrets away, I don't mind. It's certainly far better than the actual tv-style commercials that are always playing in theaters now. Now THAT is an outrage.

Thanks to everybody for participating in this week's poll. It was a lot of fun!

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