Posters - Howl's Moving Castle (UK)

Now this is a movie poster! Always count on the British to come up with an excellent design. I'm not as enamored by the critics' endorsements - "A wonderful fairytale" is a tired, worn-out Disney cliche - but I really love this widescreen framing. These are the kind of movie posters you see at subway stations, enormous beasts that completely dwarf you.

Howl was blessed with a lot of great movie posters from around the world. You'd be happy to collect any one of 'em.


J.R.D.S. said...

All UK film posters are horizontal nowadays and they're not huge: only about the size and shape of 2 and a half sides of A4 side-by-side. And it may interest you to know that there were 2 UK posers for this film: the other one, which has howl with a human head and a bird-body against a night sky, was on the other side of the cinema I saw the film at and is mentioned in the designers' description of the design process at but I have never seen it anywhere online.

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