Posters - Horus, Prince of the Sun

Okay, I found a color photograph of the poster for Taiyo no Oujii Horus no Daibouken. That's nice to finally have on hand. So here it is. It's a really terrific movie poster. If Toei was smart, they would be selling prints of all their classic movie posters.


Frisenette said...

That's really a strikingly well designed poster. Why not a bigger picture? Where did you get it?

And I definitely agree with the reprint thing, but then again, so much stuff needs/deserves a reprint, but won't get it because the rights holders are stupid/dense.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I can't remember where I found it, but it involved a lot of web surfing. Most likely it was from a French website.

It's funny how stubborn older people are regarding copyright. These classic Toei movies are just rotting away in the company vaults, along with all of their assets. You'd think they would take advantage of the internet and global connectivity to promote themselves and, ya know, make some money.

serhei said...

Older people? I'd say that any large pile of people has a tendency to behave in a way you might not expect something that was made up of people to behave.

Consider. Firstly, among the members of a group, accountability becomes diffused as members of the group compensate for one another's deviations from the general Plan; however, decision-making ability is likewise diffused (half the time, from the point of view of the Plan, bright new ideas are yet another deviation that must be 'compensated for'). Secondly, even if an ojisan at the top of Toei has the power to push through a new vision of movie distribution, to do so would require a single-mindedness of purpose and a willingness to risk failure that is not often found among corporate heads anywhere. And it's obvious why. The selection of corporate heads is often a survival-of-the-fittest process, where 'fitness' seems to have entailed exactly the opposite qualities.

This is of course a cynical view of things, but 'old men are funny and stubborn and have a brain disease that prevents them from understanding the Google' is a cynical view of things as well. (It's true! My parents just can't get the hang of phrasing a good Google query, and it's causing me no end of frustration. Any ideas as to why?)

Geoff N said...

Nice poster,

Just thought I'd bring forth that UP is 19/19 in reviews.

I also like this view from IGN UK

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