Future Boy Conan Stamps

Back in 2007, Japan's Postal Service issued a series of stamps celebrating the history of anime. Included in this collection - Future Boy Conan, Hayao Miyazaki's brilliant 1978 tv series.

Unless I'm mistaken, this commemorative series was limited to anime shows on tv, and it includes such staples as Doraemon and Astro Boy. The omissions are surprising, however. No Heidi? No Lupin the 3rd? Most likely the Post Office feels everyone is familiar enough with Studio Ghibli; when your movies rake in 10 times the money as everyone else, publicity is not a problem for you*.

In any event, it's great to have a set of Future Boy Conan stamps. It's definitely my favorite of Miyazaki's cliffhanger serials, with one eye toward slapstick adventures like Puss and Boots and Animal Treasure Island, and the other eye toward the serious themes of Nausicaa and Mononoke.

(*This kinda begs a funny question: is there anybody in Japan who doesn't watch Miyazaki's movies in Japan's theaters? We're talking Gone With the Wind numbers here.)


Doug said...

Oh man I would kill for a set of those! How did you get them!!???

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I didn't "get them" yet. I just managed to find the website for Japan's Postal Service. I provided the link in the post - perhaps I should have been more direct on that front.

In any case, this is just another case of scavenging the internet for material to bring under one big roof. I think that's become one of the goals of this blog.

Glad you like the Conan stamps. They do look terrific, don't they?

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