Momose Capsule Video #1 - Portable Airport

Searching through the Ghibli Blog vaults, I see that I've posted the trio of Capsule music videos by Studio Ghibli director Yoshiyuki Momose. But that was nearly two years ago, and those YouTube videos have long since been pulled. Baffling that current copyright law seems so out of place in the internet age; what at first appears as piracy later reveals itself to be free promotion, by the fans, for the fans. Online promotion of alternative, independent art is crucial for their success. And this is just as true for Ghibli's short films, which remain largely unknown in America and the West.

Anyway, here is Portable Airport, the first Capsule video. All three short films contain an arching storyline, that of a young, futuristic Japanese woman, on the search for fun, fashion, and romance. It's a real breakthrough for Momose, whose previous effort was Ghiblies Episode 2.

Momose's latest video short? I'm aware of a couple sites, but I'd like to have something to post here on the blog. Nothing on YouTube as of yet, but that's bound to change.

Read my older post on Momose's Capsule videos here.

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